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Sugandh Mantri Oil(Gandhi Roots) Sugandh mantri essential oils are known for high purity and have an mesmerizing fragrance that makes them widely used in aromatherapy applications. Sugandh Mantri essential oil is known for high purity and owing from its hypnotizing smell it is used for aromatherapy. It has therapeutic effect and is also used in perfumery compounds, tobacco industries, attar, henna , etc Aroma : Refreshing pleasant spicy & typical note of linalool Color : Light Yellow Extraction : It is extracted by steam distillation of roots USES: 1. It is a calming oil with an exotic smell that is rich and earthy with slight, light floral undertone. 2. It is used for immune support as well as treating cold, infection, injury or emotional stress. 3. The popular essential oil is used with an exotic aroma that is rich and earthy with slight, light floral undertone. 4. Sugandh mantri essential oil is anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic and helps in fighting infections and reducing pain. And many more NO MOQ Take as much you need sugandh-mantri-essential-oils-are-known-for-high-purity-and-have-an-mesmerizing-fragrance-that-makes-them-widely-used-in-aromatherapy-applications.- sugandh-mantri-essential-oil-is-known-for-high-purity-and-owing-from-its-hypnotizing-smell-it-is-used-for-aromatherapy.-it-has-therapeutic-effect-and-is-also-used-in-perfumery-compounds,-tobacco-industries,-attar,-henna-,-etc aroma-:-refreshing-pleasant-spicy-&-typical-note-of-linalool color-:-light-yellow extraction-:-it-is-extracted-by-steam-distillation-of-roots uses: 1.-it-is-a-calming-oil-with-an-exotic-smell-that-is-rich-and-earthy-with-slight,-light-floral-undertone. 2.-it-is-used-for-immune-support-as-well-as-treating-cold,-infection,-injury-or-emotional-stress. 3.-the-popular-essential-oil-is-used-with-an-exotic-aroma-that-is-rich-and-earthy-with-slight,-light-floral-undertone.- 4.-sugandh-mantri-essential-oil-is-anti-inflammatory-and-anti-spasmodic-and-helps-in-fighting-infections-and-reducing-pain. and-many-more no-moq-take-as-much-you-need/b36
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