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Spikenard Essential Oil N
Spikenard Essential Oil Nardostachys Jatamansi Spikenard is a delicate, aromatic herb with an strongly pungent rhizome root. It is native to mountainous regions of Northern India, as well as China and Japan. Spikenard was one of the early aromatics utilized by the ancient Egyptians and is specified in the Bible Appearance : Viscous Liquid Aroma : Earthy, harsh wood like smell that is slightly musty. Color : Golden Yellow to Greenish Color. Extraction : Spikenard essential oil is extractd by steam distillation of dried roots/rhizome. USES: 1. One of the best advantages of Spikenard oil is its uplifting aroma that can help promote feeling of relaxation and calmness. 2. The grounding properties of Spikenard essential oil makes it a popular choice for aromatherapy and meditation. 3. Spikenard essential oil is revered for its benefits for skin. People often use Spikenard oil for skin due to its cleansing and purifying properties. 4. With an unique woody, spicy fragrance, Spikenard is generally utilized as a part of the aroma industry. 5. Spikenard oil can be applied topically to help promote calm or relaxing feelings NO MOQ, Take as much you need
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Manufacturer and exporter of Hing oil in London, United kingdom | Shree overseas exports Hing oil also known as Asfoetida. It is a very beneficial herb for the problems like diabetes, toothache, cough, painful mensuration, intestinal flora and many more. Hing oil is an essential oil. It is extracted from Hing. It is mainly cultivated in nearby India and Afghanistan mountains. Shree overseas exports manufacturing best quality Hing oil in London, United Kingdom.
Description Apricot oil (
Description Apricot oil (Prunus Armeniaca) Origin of Apricot oil: Although formerly supposed to come from Armenia, where it was long cultivated, hence the name Armeniaca, there is now little doubt that its original habitat is northern China, the Himalaya region and other parts of temperate Asia. It is cultivated generally throughout temperate regions. The apricot tree originally from Asia and now is grown in certain regions of Europe, where it is widely cultivated for its delicious, juicy fruit, the apricot. The seed is pressed to extract an oil. Description of Apricot oil: Apricot Oil nourishes the skin, softening lines and bringing a healthy glow and is a wonderful massage oil. In addition it is rich in essential fatty acids, making it ideal as a treatment for soft, radiant hair. It is high in Vitamins A and C and especially good for mature, dry, or sensitive skin. Appearance : Viscous Liquid Aroma : Mild nutty Color : Golden Chemical constituents: Apricot oil has various chemical compounds that include arginine, histidine, lysine, phenylalanine, valine, leucine, crystine and tryptophanmethionine. Extraction: It is extracted by the cold pressing of the seed and also by solvent extraction. Uses: It is used in massage therapy to help promote healthy skin, nourish and strengthen the body, relieve stress, reduce pain and encourage balance and well being. Massage opens and increases the flow of energy, balancing the entire nervous system and helps to release physical and emotional disharmony. The many benefits of massage are enhanced by the use of high quality massage oil. Apricot kernel oil is known for its ability to penetrate the skin without leaving an oily feel. Apricot kernel oil is also popular as massage oil and it used as carrier oil when used with essential oils for aromatherapy.
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Exporter and Manufacturer of Cypress oil in Kent, United Kingdom | Shree overseas exports Cypress essential oil is acquired from the needle-bearing tree of coniferous and deciduous regions — the biological name is Cupressus sempervirens. Shree overseas exports exporting best quality of cypress essential oil in Kent, United Kingdom. Shree overseas exports are manufacturer of Cypress oil in Kent, United Kingdom.
Hing Oil  Asafoetida is a
Hing Oil Asafoetida is a perennial herb (1 to 1.5 m high). The species is native to the mountains of Afghanistan, and is mainly cultivated in nearby India. Asafoetida or Hing is known to possess anti flatulent, antiepileptic, antimicrobial, anti inflammatory, antispasmodic, anthelminthic, laxative, nervine stimulant and expectorant properties. It is also known toease anxiety due to its sedative qualities. Asafoetida or Hing, though characterized by an unpleasant odor, has numerous health benefits. For instance, it is a particularly valuable home remedy for relieving flatulence and stomach problems.The herb is also used in certain foods as a spice to enhance flavor. In addition, it holds importance in Jainism and Vaishnavism because Asafoetida adds a smooth flavor to vegetarian dishes that are prepared without using onion and garlic. Botanical Name : Asafoetida Oil Odor : With pungent, unpleasant smell Color : Dark Amber Extraction: steam distillation Uses: 1.This spice oil is used as a digestive aid, in food as a condiment, and in pickles. It typically works as a flavor enhancer and, used along with turmeric. 2.It is good for influenza, digestion, asthma and bronchitis. 3.It is used to aid digestion and is smeared on the abdomen in an alcohol or water tincture.