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Herbins Herbal Hair Pack
Herbins Herbal Hair Pack with Extracts is a pack to nourish and hydrate the hairs and to promote growth to hairs naturally. I will nourish the hairs and scalp without giving any color effect. Ingredients : Sapindus mukorossi(Reetha), Emblica Officinalis Gartn(Amla), Bacopa Monnieri(Brahmi), Vetiver(Khus), Eclipta Alba(Bhringraj), Azadirachta, Indica(Neem), Fullers Earth(Multani Mitti) + Extracts of Citronella Oil. Form : Herbins Herbal Hair Pack with Extracts is available in fine powder form in a pack of 100 grams Apply to hairs and scalp in intervals of 15 days. Make a thick paste with normal water and apply to hairs and scalp, leave for 20 minutes and wash with normal water Need distributors World wide, one distributor in one Country OEM Welcome For more details or to purchase visit
Indian herbs sandalwood o
Indian herbs sandalwood oil in best rate | Best selling products | pure original | Certified products Mysore sandalwood oil Sandalwood oil cooling and calming aromatic herb, with astringent, antispasmodic, digestive, diuretic, analgesic.Sandalwood oil is from India and extracted from Santalum album of the Santalaceae family and is also known as East Indian sandalwood, santal, saunders and sandalwood Mysore. The documented use of the wood goes back 4000 years and caravans carrying this wood from India to Egypt, Greece and Rome were a familiar sight. Many temples were built from the wood and the Egyptians used the oil in embalming. Sandalwood is an evergreen, parasitic tree that burrows its roots into other trees. It can grow up to 9 meters (30 feet) high and has a brown-gray trunk, many smooth slender branches, leathery leaves and small pink-purple flowers. It is agreed that the best sandalwood oil is from Mysore in India. Appearance : wooden chips and powdered forms. Aroma : Woody, Exotic smell, Subtle and Lingering Color : Pale yellow to pale gold Chemical constituents: The main chemical components are santalol, santyl acetate and santalene. Extraction: Sandalwood oil is extracted from the chipped heartwood by steam distillation. Uses: 1. Sandalwood essential oil helps to moisturize and hydrate ageing, dry or flaky skin, relieving itching and inflammation and its astringent action balances oily skin conditions. 2. Sandalwood is much in demand as incense and has a calming effect during meditation. 3. The oil of Sandalwood is used externally in aromatherapy and is said to calm the mind and body. 4. It is also thought to help those who are suffering from stress and to soothe tension and anxiety. 5. It is also used to treat dizziness as well as general chest complaints. 6.Its antibacterial qualities have also made it effective in deodorants and as a mouthwash to treat bad breath. 7. It helps to clear up catarrh as well as a dry cough, boosts the digestive system and helpful in diarrhoea. 8. Internally, sandalwood can be used for disorders of the genital and urinary tract, stomach and digestive problems as well as for fever and sunstroke.9. As a blended massage oil or diluted in the bath, sandalwood oil can assist with bladder infections as well as chest infections and bronchitis, coughs, dry eczema, insomnia, forming scar tissue, irritability, nervous tension, stress, tension, as an aphrodisiac and for relaxing. 9. It can be effective when diluted and used as a gargle for a sore or dry throat.
 Exporters and manufactur
Exporters and manufacturers of Avocado oil in Cambridge, United Kingdom | Shree overseas exports Avocado oil is an essential oil. Avocado oil is used for making fine soaps, lotions and facial creams. Avocado oil is very effective in removing blackheads and enlarged pores. Avocado oil has linoleic acid, oleic acid, and other monosaturated fatty acids speed up wound healing. Avocado oil can be used as a lotion for chapped skin, and also as a facial for moisturizer. Shree overseas exports exporting best quality Avocado oil in Cambridge, United Kingdom.
Exporter and Manufacturer
Exporter and Manufacturer of Galangal oil in Kent, United Kingdom | Shree Overseas Exports Galangal was known to the old Indians, and has been in the West since the middle Ages. Its stimulant and tonic properties (additionally to immediately reduce fever and heartburn) are perceived by the Arabs who ginger up their minds with it, and by the Tartars, who take it in tea. In the East, it is taken powdered as a snuff, and is utilized as a part of perfumery and in fermenting.Shree Overseas Exports is exporting Best quality of Galangal oil in Kent, United Kingdom. With No MOQ required.
 Manufacturer and exporte
Manufacturer and exporter of Babchi Oil in Coventry, United Kingdom | Shree overseas exports It is an essential oil. This oil gives specific and irritant effects on mucous membrane and skin. Babchi oil’s powder from its seeds used to treat leucoderma and leprosy internally. It can be used as paste or ointment externally. Babchis oil’s seeds are used in making of perfumed oils. It is also used in snake and scorpion bite. Babchi oil promote pigmentation and support the stimulation of melanin pigments in the skin structure. Shree overseas exports exporting best quality Babchi oil in Coventry, United Kingdom.