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Organic Sandalwood Oil from Mysore India Santalum Album Sandalwood Oil id from Mysore(Karnataka), India and extracted from Santalum Album of Santalacease family and is also known as East Indian Sandalwood oil, Santal, Saunders and Sandalwood Mysore. Appearance : Viscous Liquid form Aroma : Woody, exotic smell Color : Yellow to Golden color Extraction Sandalwood Oil is extracted from the chipped heartwood by steam distillation Uses: 1. Sandalwood essential oil helps to moisturize and hydrate agening, dry or flaky skin, relieving itching and inflammation and its astringent action balances oily skin conditions. 2. Sandalwood is much popular in demand and has a calming effect during meditation. 3. The oil of Sandalwood is used externally in aromatherapy and is said to calm the mind and body. 4. It is also thought to help those who are suffering from stress and to soothe tension and anxiety. And many more NO MOQ, Take as much you need santalum-album sandalwood-oil-id-from-mysore(karnataka),-india-and-extracted-from-santalum-album-of-santalacease-family-and-is-also-known-as-east-indian-sandalwood-oil,-santal,-saunders-and-sandalwood-mysore. appearance-:-viscous-liquid-form aroma-:-woody,-exotic-smell color-:-yellow-to-golden-color extraction-sandalwood-oil-is-extracted-from-the-chipped-heartwood-by-steam-distillation uses: 1.-sandalwood-essential-oil-helps-to-moisturize-and-hydrate-agening,-dry-or-flaky-skin,-relieving-itching-and-inflammation-and-its-astringent-action-balances-oily-skin-conditions.- 2.-sandalwood-is-much-popular-in-demand-and-has-a-calming-effect-during-meditation.- 3.-the-oil-of-sandalwood-is-used-externally-in-aromatherapy-and-is-said-to-calm-the-mind-and-body.- 4.-it-is-also-thought-to-help-those-who-are-suffering-from-stress-and-to-soothe-tension-and-anxiety. and-many-more no-moq,-take-as-much-you-need/b35
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