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Organic Lime Oil Citrus Aurantifolia Lime Oil is extracted from Citrus Aurantifolia( also known as Citrus Medica Var. Acida and C. Latifolia) of the Rutaceae family Uses : 1. Lime Oil is useful to cool fevers associated with cold, sore throats and flu and aids the immune system while easing cough, bronchitis and sinusitis, as well as helping asthma. 2. Lime oil can stimulate and refresh a tired mind and helps with depression. 3. It can be helpful for arthritis, rheumatism and poor circulation, as well as for obesity and cellulite and has an astringent and toning action to clear oily skin and acne, and also helps with herpes, insect bites and cuts. 4. Lime Oil is beneficial to the immune system, easing infection in the respiratory tract and relieving pain in muscles and joints, while revitalizing a tired mind and banishing the feeling of apathy, anxiety and depression. 5. Lime oil can be used as a massage oil or diluted in the bath, to help with painful muscles and joints, respiratory problems 6. 6. When used in cream or lotion, it is helpful in clear oily congested skin and is also often used to help fight cellulite and remove the cottage cheese effect from the skin.
Tags: citrus-aurantifolia lime-oil-is-extracted-from-citrus-aurantifolia(-also-known-as-citrus-medica-var.-acida-and-c.-latifolia)-of-the-rutaceae-family uses-: 1. lime-oil-is-useful-to-cool-fevers-associated-with-cold,-sore-throats-and-flu-and-aids-the-immune-system-while-easing-cough,-bronchitis-and-sinusitis,-as-well-as-helping-asthma. 2. lime-oil-can-stimulate-and-refresh-a-tired-mind-and-helps-with-depression. 3. it-can-be-helpful-for-arthritis,-rheumatism-and-poor-circulation,-as-well-as-for-obesity-and-cellulite-and-has-an-astringent-and-toning-action-to-clear-oily-skin-and-acne,-and-also-helps-with-herpes,-insect-bites-and-cuts. 4. lime-oil-is-beneficial-to-the-immune-system,-easing-infection-in-the-respiratory-tract-and-relieving-pain-in-muscles-and-joints,-while-revitalizing-a-tired-mind-and-banishing-the-feeling-of-apathy,-anxiety-and-depression. 5. lime-oil-can-be-used-as-a-massage-oil-or-diluted-in-the-bath,-to-help-with-painful-muscles-and-joints,-respiratory-problems 6. 6.-when-used-in-cream-or-lotion,-it-is-helpful-in-clear-oily-congested-skin-and-is-also-often-used-to-help-fight-cellulite-and-remove-the-cottage-cheese-effect-from-the-skin./b22
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