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Laurel Berry Oil


Laurel Berry Oil

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Laurel Berry Oil (Laurus Nobilis Linne) Laurel Berry Oil (Kokila-Indian) is commonly identified as Laurel Berry, Kokila oil, Sugandha Kokila or Nepalese Trjpal and is popular as “Oil of Romance”. Botanically, Laurel Berry Oil or Kokila- Indian is referred as Cinnamomum glauceschens and belongs to Lauraceae family. It is indigenous to tropical Asia and is basically produced in India. Essential oil of Laurel Berry Oil (Kokila- Indian) is obtained from dried seeds and berries of this plant by means of steam distillation. It is dark yellow, pale yellow or olive green colored liquid and principally consists of esters, methyl cinnamate, cineole and copaene. Laurel berry essential oil has medicinal value with pleasing spicy and warm aroma. Laurel Berry Essential Oil has a fresh medicinal, but pleasantly spicy and warm aroma. Laurel Berry Oil has been used as an insect repellant, a spice oil, and a culinary herb oil in India. There are over 250 species of cinnamomum of which camphor, cassia and cinnamon are a part. Botanical Name : Laurus Nobilis Linne Common Name: Laurel Berry, Kokila Oil, Sugandha Kokila, Nepalese Trjpal Aroma : fresh medicinal, but pleasantly spicy and warm aroma Color : Pale yellow, greenish yellow, or olive green Part Used : Berries Extraction: It is extracted by the cold expression of the Berries. Chemical constituents:: Terpenes, sesquiterpenes, alcohols, and ketones. USES: 1.Laurel Berry Oil (Kokila- Indian) is used in self- control due to possible narcotic and sedative properties. It has quite strong effect on nervous system and is also helpful in the treatment of neuritis, fear and anxiety. 2.Laurel Berry Oil (Kokila- Indian) is also considered anti- spasmodic and analgesic in nature. Due to its stimulating and warming properties, the essential oil is useful in bringing confidence, awareness and courage in individuals. 3. Laurel Berry is good in treating viral, appetite loss, stomach problems and improper digestion. It is also noted for curing dyspepsia, flatulence, colds, flu, tonsillitis etc. and is a well known diaphoretic, diuretic, fungicidal, hypotensive and bactericidal. 4. It is useful in dyspepsia, flatulence, loss of appetite, scanty periods, colds, flu, tonsillitis, viral infections etc. 5. Laurel Berry oil has been used as an insect repellant, a spice oil, and a culinary herb oil.

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